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This series of illustrations was created for Germanwatch e.V. and deals with causes of flight and their connection. The lust for fossile fuels lead to territorial conflicts, environmental pollution and play a role in climate change. These 3 images are available as posters and postcards here.

This illustration was created for the 21st altonale poster design contest and also won the first prize. The task was to design a poster including the guiding theme "richnes" as well as visual reference to the diverse, cultural festival following the CD restrictions. A main challenge was the topic richnes, because it offers a huge variety of interpretations, which lead to several drafts. In the end I decided to focus much more on community and culture as the main traits of the festival. I completed them with analogies of intellectual, social and physical riches, stabilizing the isometric construct, which also forms a symbolic connection to the festival campaign – make it possible. You can find a short article here.

After growing up and finishing school in Frankfurt (Oder) I moved to Berlin and started studying illustration at the BTK. I successfully graduated 2017 with my bachelor project called "drawing the invisible – aspects of sound illustration in the digital era" dealing with intermodal perception and audiovisual relations.

Since 2018 I work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Besides that I realize several personal projects, art studies and create music. Sustainability and the care for our environment are some of the main aspects thematized in my work.

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